How do I view my results in Practice?

After you complete the Reflection stage, you will unlock the final stage in your Exercise, Results. The only people who can view your Results page are you and your Instructor(s).

The Results stage offers a few pieces of information:

  • Stage Completion Status
  • Your Response
  • Score Comparison (for exercises that have scoring enabled)
  • Assessment Details
  • Self Reflection
  • Top Performers

View Response

You can play your response by pressing the Play button [1]. You can download your response file by clicking the Download Response link [2].

You also can view the completion status of your exercise stages. Stages that are completed before the due date are indicated by a solid bar [3]. Stages that are completed after the due date are indicated by a clear bar [4].

View Score Comparison

For scored exercises, the Score Comparison section displays breakdown of your average instructor score, average peer score, and Self Assessment score for each question on the Assessment Form as well as your total score.

View Question Results

For unscored exercises, the Question Results section displays an aggregated list of the assessment questions and answers submitted for the exercise. It also shows how often certain assessment answers were chosen for an exercise. To view detailed data for an assessment question, click the Expand arrow.

View Assessment List

This is a list of every assessment that you received on your submission (i.e. assessments from your Instructor, peers, and self).

View Assessment

Select the View Assessment button to view written feedback and Assessment Form results an individual left you on your submission.

View Assessment Feedback

Here, you can view the written feedback an Instructor or peer left on your media file. You can also see how your Instructor or peer answered each question on the Assessment Form. Click the Close button to return to your results.

Play Self Reflection

In the Self Reflection section, you can play the model response and view your own self reflection text.

View Top Performers

For scored exercises, the Top Performers section is a list of the submissions from the Exercise generated by average peer score. The better the score, the higher up they are on the list.