How do I find my exercise in Practice?

To find your Exercise, first, go to your Groups page by selecting the Groups icon at the top of the page. Next, select your Group that has the Exercise you want to locate. You are now on the Groups page. Here you see three types of Exercises:

  • Active Exercises
  • Upcoming Exercises
  • Closed Exercises

Begin Active Exercise

Active Exercises are Exercises that have an open learning stage for you to complete. If you are just beginning an Exercise, select the Overview button to begin the Exercise.

Continue Active Exercise

If you are continuing to work on an Exercise, select the Go button to return to the Exercise learning stage you need to complete.

View Active Exercise Results

If the Exercise is not closed yet but you have completed each learning stage, you can view every learning stage of the Exercise by selecting the Results button. Select the learning stage you want to view from the Exercise progression bar. You can not edit any learning stage that has already been submitted.

View Upcoming Exercises

Upcoming Exercises are Exercises that are scheduled to open at a later date.

You can access the Overview for upcoming Exercise by selecting the Overview button. This is the only stage you can see for an upcoming Exercise.

View Completed Closed Exercises

If all of an exercise's stages have due dates in the past, the exercise is closed. If you have completed an exercise and it is closed, you can view every learning stage of the exercise by clicking the Results button.

Once in the exercise, select the stage you want to view from the exercise progression bar. You can not edit any learning stage in a closed, completed exercise.

Note: Scores will not display for unscored exercises or for exercises configured to have hidden scores.

View Incomplete Closed Exercises

If you partially completed a closed exercise, you can view the learning stages you completed and finish the rest by clicking the View button.

Stages you complete after the due date will be marked late. You cannot edit any learning stage you already completed.

View Missing Closed Exercises

You can view past-due missing exercises in Closed Exercises. Click the Overview button to view the Overview stage. You can then complete the other steps in the exercise, but your submission will be marked late.