What is Practice (for learners)?

What is Practice?

Practice is a media-based, applied microlearning solution that helps organizations build cultures of continuous learning that increase employee competence and confidence and fuel innovation. Practice is a scalable means for teams to practice job-relevant skills and receive meaningful, timely feedback through the power of structured peer assessment and manager coaching. Learners use Practice anywhere, anytime with Practice’s fully native mobile app.

Who uses Practice?

Practice is used by Fortune 50 companies, higher education institutions, and healthcare systems to improve management, customer service, sales training, leadership development, and more. Clients include GP Strategies, Comcast, NBCUniversal, Grant Thornton, Cox Automotive, Domino’s Pizza, Microsoft, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Drexel University, and UCSF Medical School.

How does Practice work?

The heart of the Practice platform is its four-stage learning exercises. Each exercise takes the key components of the most successful live trainings and brings them online without degrading the efficacy of the training. First, Learners play a media prompt and then practice a skill by recording themselves responding to that prompt. Second, Learners watch or listen to their peers responding to the same prompt and give and get peer feedback based on customizable criteria questions. Third, Learners watch or listen to a best practice example and self-reflect on their own performance. Finally, Learners receive individualized coaching based on their performance. See Practice in action.

Why Peer Assessment?

Even though frequent practice and thoughtful feedback are critical to our professional growth and development, we hear time and again that managers don’t have time to give specific, individualized feedback to each and every direct report. A culture of growth and learning benefits from scalable practice opportunities and feedback. The Practice platform makes this possible via peer assessment. Employees give guided, structured, specific feedback to colleagues. Peer feedback is not only fun, relevant and reliable; but it works. Research shows* that when assessment criteria questions are clear and specific, peer assessment scores mirror expert or manager scores.

*Study by Pennsylvania State University


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