What is LTI in Practice?

LTI is an open standard created and maintained by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. LTI allows Administrators to add a special Web link inside a learning management system (LMS) such as Canvas that launches an external tool. This connection provides contextual information for the external tool including information about the User who selected the link, the course in which the link is posted, the specific exercise the link refers to, the User's role in the course, and other useful data. LTI links make it easier for Instructors and Learners to use tools outside the learning management system environment and make them feel more "integrated" into the system.


  • Users that access Practice through an LTI integration will not receive email notifications from Practice.
  • Canvas admins cannot access their Practice account through a Canvas LTI link unless they are assigned the Canvas teacher role in addition to their Canvas admin role. If Canvas admins are not assigned any additional Canvas roles, they can still log in to their Practice account from the Practice Login page.

Practice's LTI Integration

Practice's LTI integration automatically creates accounts and signs in Users, launching them directly to their designated exercise. Practice supports the LTI 1.1.1 specifications. 

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