How do I create a new group in Practice?

To create a new Group you must be on the Groups page. 

Open Groups

If the Groups page is not open, click the Groups link [1] in the Global Navigation menu. Click the Create Group button [2].

Name Group

Type Group Name

Name your Group.

Create Group

Click Create button

Select the Create button.

Open Exercises

Your Group will remain a Draft until you add at least one Exercise.  

To add an Exercise, select Exercises from the left side menu.

Create Exercise

Select the Create Exercises button.

Select Exercise

You can now scroll or use the search bar to find the content module you want to add to the group as an exercise. (Note: if you hover over the competency cell for a content module, the associated competencies will appear.)

Select the box next to the content module name and then select the Create Exercises button.

Activate Group

To activate your group, click the Activate button.  Before Learners can participate in this Group and Exercise, you must first invite Learners and then configure the Exercise.