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How do I invite instructors to my group in Practice?

You can invite instructors to your group by emailing them an invitation or by adding them with a CSV file. You can also add instructors that already have a Practice account to your group automatically without sending them an invitation.

Note: Do not copy and share the group link with reviewers or instructors in your group. After clicking the group link, users are permanently assigned to the learner role within the group and cannot be promoted to reviewers or instructors. Reviewers and instructors should be invited to the group via email invitation or CSV upload.

Edit Group

To invite instructors to your group, navigate to the Group details page and click the Edit Group button.

Open Group Membership

Click the Group Membership tab.

Invite Instructors via CSV Upload

To invite instructors to your group using a CSV upload, click the Invite Group Members button [1] then click the CSV Upload link [2].

Download CSV Template

Download template

Click the Download Template button and save the template file to your computer. Open the CSV template file on your computer and populate it with first names, last names, email addresses, and roles for the users you want to invite to the group. Save the populated template as a CSV file.

Upload CSV File

Upload CSV

Click the Select File button and select your saved CSV file.

Upload File

Click Upload File button

Click the Upload File button. You will receive an email confirmation when your group invitations are complete.

Note: If no group role is specified for a user in the CSV file, the user will automatically be assigned the Learner role.

Invite Instructors via Email

Click the Invite Group Members button [1] and click the Email link [2].

Select Instructor Role

Click the Instructor option

In the Assign a Role dropdown list, click the Instructor link.

Send Invitation

Type email address

Type the email address and full name of the instructor you would like to add in the Email Address and Full Name fields [1]. Click the Invite button [2]. The instructor will receive an email message with the subject Welcome to [GROUP NAME] Group that contains a link to your group.

Add Instructors from Organization

To add instructors that are already members of your organization to your group, click the Invite Group Members button [1] and click the Org Member List link [2].

Search and Add People

You can search for specific organization members in the search bar [1] or browse the user list results. Click the corresponding checkboxes [2] next to the instructors you would like to add to the group. When you click the checkbox, the user is automatically assigned the learner role. Click the role associated with each learner [3] to change their proposed role to Instructor. Click the Add Members button [4] to add the selected users to your group.