How do I create an overview in Practice?

Every content module begins with an overview. The Overview is not a specific learning stage, but rather sets the stage for the exercise's learning stages. It sets forth the specific learning objective Learners will be practicing and be assessed upon in the relevant exercise.

Content modules become exercises when they are added to a group. An overview is automatically created when you create a content module. There are two sections that will be blank: the description and supplemental content. You can choose to draft a description or add supplemental content or leave either blank. The following article outlines details on each section of the Overview.

Add Title

Your title will be automatically populated from the text you previously entered. If you want to edit your title, please note that your content module title cannot exceed 500 characters. Upon completing your edits, select the Save Changes button.

Add Description

If you choose to draft a description for your content module, then it is important to note Learners appreciate clear directions on what they will be practicing and be assessed upon. There is no character limit for the content module description.

Select the Save Changes button when completing your description.

Upload Supplemental Content

Supplemental content is any additional resources you would like to provide for your Learners. If you choose to add supplemental content, there are two options: uploading content and linking to content. Uploading content allows you to upload files in the following format: Word (.doc, .dox), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), PDF, and .mp4. It's important to note that what your file is named on your computer will be the displayed name on the Overview page.

Linking to content allows you to add a URL to any website you would like to include. In order to add a link you must include https:// in the link address.

Save Changes

Select the Save Changes button after uploading any supplemental content. Learn more about creating the Assessment Form here.