How do I create an assessment in Practice?

The Assessment is what Learners will use to score their peers and themselves. There are two parts to building the Assessment:

  1. Assessment criteria
  2. Structured feedback

Create Assessment Question

To build the assessment criteria, select an assessment type from the Assessment Type drop-down list [1]. Assessments can be scored or unscored. Then click the Create a Question button [2].

Note: Once you have created an assessment question, you cannot change it to a differently-scored assessment type. To create a differently-scored assessment after creating assessment questions, your current questions will be deleted and you will need to start over.

Add Details

Enter the title of your question in the title field [1]. You can add a description of the question [2] if you want to dive deeper. Next, you can assign a competency [3]. When you choose a competency here, it automatically appears to learners in the Overview stage. Click the Competency drop down and choose which competency is related to the criterion. Competencies must be created by an organization administrator. Once a competency is created it will appear in this dropdown menu.

Add Horizontal Choices

To format your choices horizontally or vertically, click the radio button next to your preferred choice [1]. The default layout is horizontal. Every horizontal choice list can have two to five answer choices. For scored exercises, each choice has a point value and a descriptor. You can add a descriptor in the Choice Description field [2] and set the value of each descriptor using the Point Value drop-down list [3]. The assessment criteria can be independently weighted to reflect emphasis. To add a new choice, click the Add Choice button [4]. When you are finished creating your question, click the Done button [5].

Note: Unscored assessment questions do not have point values associated with answer choices.

Add Vertical Choices

To format your choices vertically, click the Vertical layout radio button [1]. Vertical assessments can contain up to ten assessment choices. Learners select their answers from vertical choice lists by clicking radio buttons [2].

Edit Criterion

When you add more than one criterion, you can switch the order around by clicking and dragging the Criterion Order slider [1]. You can edit the criterion by clicking the Pencil icon [2]. You can make a copy of a criterion by clicking the Duplicate icon [3]. You can delete a criterion by clicking the Trash icon [4].

Enable Feedback

You can toggle structured feedback on and off here.

Create Feedback Prompt

If you want structured feedback, fill in the field with your feedback prompt [1]. You can delete a feedback prompt by selecting the trash icon [2]. You can add another feedback prompt by selecting the Add Another button [3]. When you are finished creating your Assessment Form, select the Save Changes button [4].

Finish Assessment Stage

Select Next to move onto to creating a Prompt & Response. Learn more about creating a Prompt & Response here.