How do I create a prompt and response in Practice?

The Prompt & Response stage is the first stage learners participate in. You can upload or record a video or audio file as a prompt. Learners practice their skills by watching or listening to the prompt, reading any provided instructions, and recording or uploading their response to the prompt.

Open Library

To create a prompt and response, in the Global Navigation Menu, click the Library link.

Open Module

To add a new content module, click the Create Content Module button [1]. To edit an existing content module, click the Edit icon [2].

Open Prompt Stage

Click the Prompt tab.

Add Prompt

Add Prompt

Add a video, audio, or screen capture prompt.

Add Instructions

This section is optional. If you have instructions for learners, write them in the Instructions text box. We encourage you to be as explicit as possible and reiterate any instructions you provide in the prompt media itself. You can also add links to external resources.

Require Additional File Attachments

To require learners to attach additional files to their responses, click the Require Additional File Attachments toggle button [1]. Click the Number of Attachments Required list [2] to choose the number of file attachments to require from learners.

Save Prompt Changes

Click the Save Changes button [1]. Click the Next button [2] to begin creating a Model Response.

Publish Content Module

If you don't want to include a Model Response, click the Publish button. Learn more about creating a Model Response here.