Canvas Guides (English)PracticePractice Guide - Everyone Else Exercise and Content ModulesHow do I create a model response and reflection in Practice?

How do I create a model response and reflection in Practice?

You can upload or record a video or audio file as a model response. Practice includes the model response stage after the prompt & response and peer assessment stages by design. If learners practice a skill on their own and critique others before viewing or listening to a model response, then they are primed to fully engage with the expert content. Learners' interest and ability to absorb the expert's demonstration is heightened by stages one and two of a Practice exercise.

Open Library

To create a model response, in the Global Navigation Menu, click the Library link.

Open Module

To add a new content module, click the Create Content Module button [1]. To edit an existing content module, click the Edit icon [2].

Open Model and Reflection

Click the Model & Reflection link.

Add Model Response

Add Model Response

Add a video, audio, or screen capture model response.

Add Details

Add additional details about the model response in the About This Model Response text box if desired. We encourage you to use the details option as a opportunity to reiterate the actions you demonstrated and explain why you chose to demonstrate them.

Add Self Reflection Prompt

Here you can edit the self reflection prompt [1]. If you do not want to include a self reflection in your content module, you can turn it off when you configure your content module as an exercise. When you are finished building your content module, click the Save Changes button [2].

Publish Content Module

Click the Publish button.