How do I add an exercise to my group in Practice?

Before adding an exercise to a group, you must first add a content module to the group. Once a content module is added to the group, it automatically becomes an exercise.

Note: In order for group members to view and complete an exercise, it must first be configured and published.

Open Group

To add an exercise to a Group, you must be on the Groups page. To access your Groups, click the Groups link [1] on the top of the page. Then, click the Group you would like to add an exercise to [2].

Edit Group

Click the Edit Group button.

Open Exercises

From the menu on the left, click the Exercises tab.

Create Exercise

Click the Create Exercises button.

Select Content Module

You can now scroll or use the search bar to find the content module(s) you want to add to the group as exercises.

Select the box next to the content module name and then select the Create Exercises button. Content modules become exercises once they are added to a group. Now that the Exercise has been added to the Group, you are ready to configure the Exercise.

Learn how to configure an Exercise here.