What is the Learner’s Submission page in Practice?

A Learner’s Submission refers to the complete set of work associated with a Learner’s participation in an Exercise. A Submission is not simply a Learner’s response to the Prompt & Response stage. Rather, a Submission is a compilation of a Learner’s response, a Learner’s Self Assessment, peer assessment(s) (both given and received), and Self Reflection, if applicable.

On the Learner’s Submission Page you can:

  • View Stage Completion Status
  • Play a Learner’s Response
  • View a Learner's file attachments
  • Download a Learner’s Response
  • View a Score Comparison (for exercises that have scoring activated)
  • View Assessments a Learner Received
  • View a Learner’s Self Reflection
  • View Assessments a Learner Gave

To access a Learner’s Submission page and learn more about each of these options, follow the steps below:

Open Group

From your Groups page, select the appropriate Group.

Open Exercise

Select the appropriate Exercise to be brought to the Exercise Dashboard.

View Submission Page

Within the Learner Submissions table, click the Gear icon [1] and then select View Submission Page [2] to be brought to a particular Learner’s Submission page.

Open Response

Click the response thumbnail.

Play Learner Response

Play Learner Response

Click the Play button to play the file.

Close Response

Close Response

When the file has finished playing, click the Done button to close the player window.

Download Learner Files

To download a learner's supplemental file attachment, click the file thumbnail.

Download Learner Response

Click the Download Response link.

View Score Comparison

In exercises that have scoring activated, scroll down to view the Score Comparison table. In the Score Comparison table, you can view the average instructor score, average peer score, and the self assessment score. You will also see the totaled scores at the end of each row.

View Unscored Question Results

In exercises that do not have scoring activated, scroll down to view the question results for each question in the learner's assessment. You can view the frequency of each answer choice in a learner's self assessment, peer assessment, and instructor assessment results.

View Received Assessments

Scroll down to view the Assessments Received section. Click the View Assessment button next to the assessment you want to view.

Close Assessment

To return to the Submission page, click the Close button.

View Self Reflection

From the Submission page, scroll down to the Self Reflection section. The learner’s Self Reflection will appear in the box to the right of the Model Response.

View Assessments Given

From the Submission page, scroll down to the Assessments Given section. Select the View Assessment button next to the Assessment you wish to view.

Close Assessment

To return to the Submission page, select the Close button.

Open Exercise Dashboard

To return to the Exercise Dashboard, select the Exercise Title in the navigation bar. Learn how to Assess Learner Submissions and Deliver Learner Assessments here.