How do I schedule my exercise in Practice?

With our flexible scheduling, you are able to schedule Exercise stages to open and close concurrently and/or sequentially. Exercise stages scheduled to run concurrently will allow Learners to complete the Exercise at their own pace.

Schedule Stages

To schedule exercise stages, type dates in the Date fields [1] and times in the Time fields [2]. You can also click the Calendar icon [3] and the Time menu arrow [4] to choose open and due dates and times.

To set identical open and due dates for all exercise stages, click the Set dates for each stage toggle button to the Off position [5]. When all exercise stages have identical open and due dates, learners are able to move through the exercise stages at their own pace as long as they complete the entire exercise before the due date.


  • Exercise stages are locked to ensure learners complete the current stage before moving onto the next stage.
  • Learners that complete an exercise stage after the scheduled due date will have their stage submission marked late.

View Sequential Exercises

Exercise stages that you schedule to run sequentially will move all learners through the exercise on the same schedule. All learners must complete each stage between the open date and due date and cannot move on until the next stage opens.

View Combination Exercises

Exercises can also be scheduled with a combination of sequential and concurrent stages. Here, all Learners must submit to the Prompt & Response stage by the same due date but are then able to submit to the Peer Assessment and Reflection stages at their own pace before the final due date. Learn more about configuring your Exercise here.