What is the Exercise Participation Report in Practice?

The Exercise Participation Report allows Instructors to not only see an individual Exercise’s overall participation rate, but also see the participation rate for each Exercise stage and how many times a learner recorded themselves. To view the Exercise Participation Report, follow the steps below.

View Exercise Reports

From the Exercise Dashboard, click View Exercise Reports.

View Overall Participation Rate

This tile displays the overall rate of participation for all stages of the Exercise.

View Stage Participation Rates

These tiles display the Exercise stage participation rates.

View Learner Participation Table

The Learner Participation table breaks down the stage participation and practice attempts by individual learner. In the Practice Attempts column [1], you will find the number of times the individual learner recorded themselves with the web recorder or the mobile app [2]. If the learner used the file upload option, N/A will display [3].

The Checkmark icon indicates a learner completed a stage on time [4]. If a learner submits to a stage after the stage due date, their stage status will be Submitted Late [5]. If a learner has not submitted to a stage and the due date is in the past, the stage status will be Incomplete [6]. If an exercise stage is still open and the learner has not submitted to it, the stage status box will be empty [7].


Download CSV

To download this report, select the Download .CSV button.

View Exercise Participation Report CSV

The Exercise Participation Report CSV includes:

  • Learner Name
  • Practice Attempts
  • Exercise Stage Participation
  • Learner Email Address

The Exercise Participation Report CSV also displays a participation status for each exercise stage:

  • NOT_STARTED (Learner did not take any action on the stage)
  • STEPS_NOT_COMPLETED (Learner opened the stage but did not complete the stage requirements)
  • STEPS_COMPLETED (Learner completed the stage requirements but did not click the Submit button)
  • BLOCKED (Learner did not complete the previous stage)
  • SUBMITTED (Learner completed and submitted all stage requirements)
  • NOT_SUBMITTED (The exercise is closed and the learner did not submit anything to the stage)


  • If a stage has the NOT_STARTED status, all other stages for that learner will also have the NOT_STARTED status.
  • The NOT_STARTED status can display for a stage that is open or closed.
  • A stage that displays the BLOCKED status will be preceded by stages that display the STEPS_NOT_COMPLETED or BLOCKED status.
  • The STEPS_COMPLETED and STEPS_NOT_COMPLETED statuses will become the NOT_SUBMITTED status once the exercise deadline has passed.