What is the Group Completion Report in Practice?

The Group Completion Report allows Instructors to analyze participation across all scheduled Exercises in a Group. To view the Group Completion Report, follow the steps below.

View Group Report

From the Group page, select View Group Report.

View Completion Graph

The first section is the Overall Learner Completion Report. In this graph, each bar [1] represents an Exercise in the Group. The legend beneath the graph [2] indicates what each color represents in the bar graph.

View Exercise Details

Hovering over a column will display a pop-up that provides the details of the Exercise (i.e. exercise title, exercise open and close dates, number of Learners who are complete and number of Learners who are incomplete).

Download Graph Report

To download this report, select the blue Download .CSV button.

View Completion Table

Scroll down to view the Completion Report by Learner section. This table breaks down group exercise completion by learner. In the Incomplete column [1], the Incomplete status indicates that the learner did not complete every exercise in the group. If there is no icon in the Incomplete column, the learner completed every exercise in the group. To the right of the Incomplete column is the Exercises Completed column [2]. Here you can see how many exercises a learner has completed in the group. Click the Envelope icon [3] to email a learner individually. Click the View link [4] to see the completion details for a particular learner.

View Learner Details

View completion details

In the Completion Details window, the left hand column tells you the exercise title [1] and the right hand column identifies the learner’s status in the Exercise [2].

Download Table Report

To download this report, select the blue Download .CSV button.