How do I create and edit competencies in Practice?

Only Organization Administrators can create and edit competencies. The following article outlines how you can access your competency page, create competencies, and edit competencies.

Open Org Admin Page

Click the Org Admin link.

Open Competencies

Select Competencies from the panel on the left hand side of the page.

Create Competency

Select the Create button.

Name Competency

Type Competency name

Type the name of the competency in the Competency Name field.

Add Description

Type Competency description

Type in the description of the competency in the Competency Description field.

Save Competency

Click Create button

When you are done creating your competency select the Create button.

Edit Competency

Select the pencil icon associated with the competency you want to edit.

Save Edits

Click Save button

Make your edits. When you are done, select the Save button. It is important to note that once a Competency has been employed in an Active Exercise and Learners have been assessed on that competency it can be edited but not deleted.