How do I invite Authors in Practice?

As an Organization Administrator, you can invite others to your Organization (Org). There are four roles you can assign someone in an Org:

  • Organization Administrator (Admin)
  • Author
  • Coordinator
  • Member

This article focuses on inviting and assigning an Author to your Organization.

Open Org Admin Page

Click the Org Admin icon on the top of the screen.

Open Org Membership

Click the Org Membership tab.

Invite New Member

Click the Invite Via Email button.

Select Author Role

Click Coordinator option

In the Assign A Role drop-down menu [1], select the Author option [2].

Enter Full Name and Email Address

Type email address

In the Full Name and Email Address fields, enter the information of the person you want to add as an author.

Invite Member

Click Send Invite button

Click the Invite button. The person you invited to join as an author will receive an email notifying them they have been added to your organization. The notification will include a link to the organization.