How do I change a user role in Practice?

There are four organization-level user roles within Practice: organization admin, author, coordinator, and member. This article gives an overview of the permissions of each user level and role.


  • Only admins can change the role a user has been assigned at the organization level.
  • Admins cannot change their own role.
  • Authors, coordinators, and members can all be promoted or demoted to different roles by the admin.

Open Org Admin Page

To change a user’s role, select the Org Admin icon on the top of the page.

Open Org Membership

Click the Org Membership tab.

Edit Role

Find the user whose role you would like to change and click the Edit icon.

Select Role

Select the radio button beside the role you would like to assign to the user [1]. Click the Update button [2].


  • If you select the admin role, the interface will display a warning message that explains the changes that will occur when a user is promoted to an admin.
  • When a user is promoted to an admin, they have access to view and edit the Org Admin page.
  • When a user is promoted to an admin, all their previous submission data will be removed and their submission data will no longer appear in reports.