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What email notifications will I receive as any user in Practice?

Practice sends you a few different kinds of email notifications. All notifications are on by default. Scroll to the end of this article to learn how to manage your notifications.

The email notifications you receive are:

  • Invitation to an Organization or Group
  • Welcome Message
  • Reset Password
  • New Response Submission

Note: Accounts that are created through LTI only receive the Reset Password email.

Invitations to Organization and Group

Invitations to Organization and Group

When you are invited to an Organization or Group you will receive an email “Join [ORGANIZATION]" or "Join [GROUP]". Select the Let’s Get Started button to create an account and join the Organization/Group. Once you complete these steps you will receive a welcome email.

Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails

There are two instances where you will receive a welcome email, after you join your Group and/or Organization or you already belong to the Organization and you are added to a Group. If you have been added to a Group the welcome email will include the Exercise schedule to all Exercises in the Group. Select the Let’s Go button to be brought to the Group page.

Reset Password

Reset Password

After selecting Forgot Your Password? on the login page and typing in your email address you will receive an email titled "Practice password reset instructions" with a link to reset your password.

New Response Submission

New Response Submission email message

Admins, instructors, and reviewers receive an email notification when a learner completes a request for a new exercise response.

Instructor Daily Digest

Image of Instructor Daily Digest email message

Instructors and reviewers that use Practice as a standalone product will receive daily digest email messages. These messages contain links to all exercises in the reviewers' and instructors' groups that have had new responses submitted in the previous 24 hours.

Managing Notifications

To turn notifications off, please follow the steps below.

Select your name in the top right corner.

Open Account Settings

Select Account Settings from the drop down menu.

At the bottom of the page under Notifications, click the Enable Email Notifications toggle off [1]. Click the Save Changes button [2].

Note: Even with email notifications turned off you will still receive an email notification for Organization or Group invites, as well as, the reset password email notification.