What are webhooks in Practice?

Using webhooks allows you to push notifications from the Practice system to your platform or LMS. You can use webhooks to enable notifications when certain events happen within the Practice platform. When one of these events occur, they trigger a "webhook" that is sent from Practice servers to a URL of your choice.

Practice supports webhooks for the following events.

Exercise Stage Completed

When a learner completes any stage in an Exercise (Prompt & Response, Peer Assessment, or Model & Reflection), a webhook can be sent from the Practice servers.

Potential Use Cases

  • Unlock an action in another system when a Learner completes the prompt and response stage (e.g provide access to a new piece of content)
  • Notify someone when a learner submits their response
  • Calculate completion of an exercise, or series of exercises, and display the results to a learner/reviewer/manager

Assessment Delivered

When a learner or instructor submits an assessment, whether it be a peer assessment or instructor assessment, this webhook can be sent from the Practice servers.

Potential Use Cases

  • Calculate a running average of peer or instructor scores.
  • Send a notification with the score received each time a learner receives an assessment from a peer or instructor
  • Build a weighted single score for each student for an exercise, taking into account all assessments received and other factors like completion
  • Display an assessment average score for a learner for each question
  • Display all assessment comments received by a learner