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How do I create an LTI exercise template in Practice?

Practice accounts that use LTI integrations in a learning management system (LMS) can create Practice exercise templates. Practice LTI exercise templates enable authors and admins to create an exercise and add it to multiple courses within their LMS. 

When a learner in an LMS course clicks a Practice exercise template link, Practice automatically creates a Practice group for that learner's exercise. If a learner from a different LMS course clicks the same Practice exercise template link, a separate group is created in which the second user's exercise is filed. An LMS instructor does not need to create multiple Practice groups in order to deliver a single Practice exercise to multiple LMS courses.


  • The LTI exercise template creation feature must be activated by a Practice customer success manager in order to be visible to authors and admins.
  • Users that access Practice through an LTI integration will not receive email notifications from Practice.

Open Templates

Click the Templates link in the Global Navigation menu [1]. Click the Create Exercise Templates button [2].

Select Content Module

In the Exercise Template Creation tool, browse or search for a content module [1]. Select the checkbox next to the content module on which you'd like to base your exercise template [2]. Click the Create Exercise Templates button [3].

Open Exercise Template Configuration

Click the Configure Exercise Template button.

Configure Exercise Template

Configure and schedule your exercise template and click the Apply button.

View Exercise Template Details

View your scheduled exercise template details by clicking the Expand arrow icon [1]. To copy the exercise template's custom parameters, click the Copy button [2]. Contact your Practice customer success manager for directions on how to incorporate the custom parameters into your LMS LTI integration.

Delete Exercise Template

To delete an exercise template, click the Delete icon.

Confirm Deletion

Confirm exercise template deletion

Click the Confirm button to finalize the deletion.


  • Deleting an exercise template will not affect existing exercises or groups that were automatically created from the exercise template.
  • Deleting an exercise template may cause users to experience errors if they click the exercise template's former link in an LTI-linked LMS course.