How do I configure the Roll Call Attendance tool for my course?

The Roll Call tool allows you to quickly and easily record attendance with a list of students and a drag-and-drop seating chart.

Your Canvas administrator should set up Roll Call before you can use it. If you don't have access to Roll Call, contact your administrator.

Note: If you are using a Free-for-teachers Canvas account, submit a Canvas Support ticket and ask to have Roll Call enabled for your course.

Course Navigation

Course Navigation

When enabled, Roll Call (Attendance) is located in the Course Navigation. Before you begin taking attendance, make sure your course is published. For more information on publishing your course, please visit the How do I publish my course? lesson.

Note: The Roll Call link does not display to students, so you do not need to hide this link in the Navigation tab within Course Settings.  

Roll Call Attendance Tool

Contact Canvas Administrator

Once Roll Call is configured, learn how to take attendance with Roll Call.