How do I configure the Roll Call Attendance tool in a course?

After the Attendance tool has been enabled for your course, you can configure the attendance tool to meet the needs of your students. However, some items cannot be configured until after your course is published and students have accepted the course invitation.

Note: The Attendance tool must be enabled by your Canvas admin before it can be used in your course. If you cannot see the Attendance link in Course Navigation, please contact your administrator.

Open Attendance

Open Attendance

In Course Navigation, click the Attendance link.

Note: The Roll Call link does not display to students, so you do not need to hide this link in the Navigation tab within Course Settings.  

Edit Roll Call Settings

Edit Value of Lateness

You can adjust the settings for Roll Call and adjust the lateness value. By default, Canvas marks a lateness as worth 80% of a presence. For example, a student with one presence (100%) and one lateness (80%) will have an average attendance score of 90%.

To edit Roll Call settings, click the Settings icon [1], then click the Roll Call Settings button [2].

View Lateness Value

Adjust Lateness Value

To specify your preferred value of lateness, move the slider bar.

Create Seating Chart

Create Seating Chart

When your course is published and students have accepted course invitations, you can create a seating chart in the Class view.

Manage Badges

When your course is published and students have accepted course invitations, you can use a student to manage badges in your course. Any badges added at the account level will automatically display as badges in your course. You can add additional badges for your course before you begin taking roll call.

Change Attendance Value

If you want to change the value of Attendance in your course, or if you want to remove Attendance from the Gradebook completely, currently you must take roll call for at least one student before you can make any changes in Roll Call. Learn more about how to change the value of Roll Call Attendance.