How is Roll Call Attendance graded in Canvas?

When you take attendance using Roll Call, Canvas automatically adds a column to your Gradebook for Roll Call Attendance.

Roll Call Attendance Column in the Gradebook

Roll Call Attendance Column in Gradebook

Before taking attendance, please ensure your desired point value is correct. By default, Roll Call Attendance is listed as an assignment worth 100 points. If you want to edit the point value, you must make changes before you start to take attendance, otherwise attendance will not calculate correctly in the Gradebook. 

Note: If you edit the point value of the Roll Call Attendance assignment, do not edit the assignment name or delete the assignment. If you do, Canvas will be unable to automatically grade attendance.

Mute Attendance Assignment

Mute Attendance Assignment

If your students would prefer not to receive notifications when their attendance grade is updated, you can mute the assignment to prevent it from triggering notifications.

Edit the Value of a Lateness

Edit Value of Lateness

By default, Canvas marks a lateness as worth 80% of a presence. For example, a student with one presence and one lateness will have an average attendance score of 90%. You can edit this value by clicking the Gear icon in Roll Call and selecting Roll Call Settings.

Adjust the Lateness Value

Adjust Lateness Value

Move the slider bar in Roll Call settings window to specify the value of a lateness.

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