What options are available for Quizzes?

When you create a quiz, you have a variety of options to choose from within a quiz.

Note: You can import existing quizzes into Canvas.

Create Quiz Name

In the Unnamed Quiz field, you can create a name for your quiz.

Create Quiz Settings

When creating a new quiz, Canvas defaults to the Settings tab.

  1. Create any instructions for the Quiz in the Rich Content Editor.
  2. Select the quiz type.
  3. Categorize the quiz into the proper Assignment group. You can create Assignment Groups within Assignments.

View Quiz Options

View Quiz Options

Quiz settings have the following options:

  1. You can shuffle (randomize) answers. (You can also shuffle questions by creating a question group.)
  2. You can choose to set a time limit by entering the number of minutes students have to complete the entire quiz. Timed quizzes begin once a student begins the exam and will not be paused if the student navigates away from the quiz. If no time limit is set, students will have unlimited time to complete the quiz.
  3. You can allow multiple attempts.
  4. You can let students see their quiz responses.
  5. You can let students see which answers were correct.
  6. You can show one question at a time and lock questions after answering.
  7. You can restrict the quiz so it can only be taken in specific situations.

By default, quizzes will always let students see their quiz responses and see which answers were correct (options 4 and 5). If you do not want students to see their quiz responses, you will have to uncheck the boxes.

Note: If your Canvas admin has restricted students from viewing quiz submissions after the course ends, these options will not be available.

Set Quiz Options

Set Quiz Options

A few of the settings contain expanded menus:

1. Allow Multiple Attempts

  • Choose whether to keep the highest or latest score of all attempts. By default Canvas will keep the highest score unless this setting is changed.
  • Allow multiple attempts and limit the number of attempts. The default dashes represent unlimited attempts.

2. Let Students See Their Quiz Responses

You can also control when and for how long students can see the correct answers to their quiz submissions.

  • Show immediately after quiz is submitted: leave the Show and Hide fields blank.
  • Show after a specific date: set a date and time in the Show field.
  • Hide after a specific date: set a date and time in the Hide field.
  • Create a time frame: set a date and time in the Show and Hide fields.

Note: If you allow at least 1 quiz attempt and allow students to see their quiz responses, the Only after their last attempt checkbox will appear. This option means that students can only see their correct responses after their last quiz attempt. If you allow more than one attempt on a quiz, please be aware that not all students may complete all attempts and therefore may never see their quiz responses. For instance, if a student has three attempts but achieves their desired score in the second attempt, the student will most likely not complete the third (and last) attempt. That means the quiz responses and correct answers will not appear because the last attempt was not completed. To allow these students to see their responses, you would have to manually change the quiz settings at a later time.

3. Show One Question at a Time

  • Lock questions after answering: students cannot return to the previous question once it has been answered.

4. Set quiz restriction options

  • Require an access code (given by a proctor) in order to start the quiz.
  • Require students to take a quiz from computer lab with a specified IP address range.

Note: If you have the Respondus LockDown Browser enabled by your institution, using that browser will also appear as an option here. The Respondus LockDown Browser does not allow other windows to be opened during the quiz and helps prevent cheating.

Set Due and Availability Dates

You can set the Due Date [1], Available From date [2], and available Until date [3] for the quiz.

  • Due Date: Set the date and time that the Quiz is due.
  • Available From: Set the date and time when the Quiz will become available for students to take the quiz.
  • Until: Set the date and time when students can no longer take the quiz.

Learn more about due and available dates.

If you have multiple sections in your course, learn how to set up varied due dates.

Create Quiz Questions

Create Quiz Questions

Once you have set up the settings for your quiz, click the Questions tab to create the quiz questions and points. You can create individual quiz questions, questions with a question bank, questions with a question group, and questions with a question bank in a question group.  


Save Quiz

Save Quiz

Click the Save button to save your work on your quiz.

Unpublished Quiz Options

Once you save your quiz, you have several quiz options.

To publish the quiz, click the Publish button [1]. Publishing a quiz means that students will be able to see the quiz in the course.

Before publishing the quiz, if you want to see the student view and make sure it appears correctly, click the Preview button [2]. To edit the quiz, click the Edit button [3].

You can also view more options in the Settings menu [4]:

  • Show the rubric for a quiz to evaluate student answers, such as for essay questions (learn how to add a rubric) [5]
  • Lock this quiz now so that students cannot access the quiz once it is published. The quiz title will still be visible to students but they will be unable to open the quiz. [6]
  • Delete this quiz [7]

Note: If you want to hide the quiz from student view, do not publish the quiz. When the quiz is unpublished, it can only be viewed by the instructor.

Unlock Quiz

To unlock a quiz, click the Settings icon [1] and click the Let Students Take this Quiz Now button [2].

To unlock a quiz indefinitely, click the No time limit radio button [1]. If you prefer to unlock a quiz until a specific date and time, click the Until radio button [2] and use the calendar icon [3] to select the date and time. Click the Unlock button [4] when you are done.

Published Quiz Options

Once you publish a quiz, you can view additional options.

In addition to the options available for unpublished quizzes, in the Settings Menu [1], you can:

  • Preview the quiz [2]
  • Show student quiz results from students who have taken the quiz [3]
  • Message students who have taken the quiz already or who haven't yet taken the quiz [4]

In the sidebar, you also have access to related quiz features:  

You can also hide grades from students by muting assignments in the gradebook.

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