Once I publish my Quiz, what kinds of quiz statistics are available?

You can view quiz statistics for quizzes that have been published. Please note that statistics will not be available until at least one student has completed the quiz.

Open Quizzes

Open Quizzes

In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.

Open Quiz

Click the title of the quiz you want to open.

Open Quiz Statistics

Open Quiz Statistics

Click the Quiz Statistics link.

Note: Quiz Statistics will not be available until at least one student has completed the quiz.

View Statistics

Canvas quiz statistics:

  1. Allow faculty and administrators to see the class distribution of each question, highlights consistently unanswered questions or the high ratio of wrong answers (to determine question validity).
  2. Displays data such as mean and standard deviation, time to take the assessment, and graphical representations of all student responses so student performance is more easily interpreted.
  3. Counts all student attempts in the statistics and download csv files to view Student Analysis or Item Analysis for each quiz question. For more detailed information on how item analysis is calculated, please refer to the Item Analysis PDF.

If a student had multiple assignment attempts, you can view past attempts in SpeedGrader.

Limitations within Item Analysis

Item analysis may not generate results within specific quizzes. Here are a few limitations to consider within analysis reports.  

  • Quiz analysis only applies to True/False and Multiple Choice Questions.
  • If a student does not answer a quiz question and drops the number of responses below 15, the quiz question will not appear on the item analysis. For instance, if 16 students take a quiz, but two of them skip question #4, question #4 will not appear on the item analysis.
  • The initial iteration of item analysis is designed to work with quizzes that deliver the same questions to all students. Therefore, if you generate the item analysis csv for quizzes that pull from a question group, the csv will generate a line representing each version of the quiz.

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