How do I navigate the Syllabus table and calendar?

The Syllabus table and calendar are automatically populated by assignments and events in the course.

Open Syllabus

Open Syllabus

In Course Navigation, click the Syllabus link.

Navigate the Syllabus Table

The Syllabus is automatically generated for the course and contains a list of assignments and due dates in a table. Click the assignment title to view the details of the assignment [1].

View Time Zones

View Time Zones

If you have set a specific time zone in your User Settings, all course dates and times will display in your local time, but if you hover over the date, you can also see the course date and time.

Navigate Syllabus Calendar

The Syllabus calendar highlights the due dates of all the assignments. Dates which have an assignment due while be shaded in a darker grey color [1]. Hovering over that date will highlight the corresponding assignment in the Syllabus table.

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