Once I publish my Quiz, how do I make additional changes?

Once you publish a quiz and make it available to your students, you can make changes to the quiz. However, students who have already opened or completed the quiz will not see any changes you make, which may affect their grades. If necessary, you can use quiz regrade to edit certain types of quizzes, or you can add fudge points to individual student quiz scores using SpeedGrader. You can also moderate the quiz to give additional attempts.

Open Quizzes

Open Quizzes

In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.

Edit Quiz

Click the Settings icon [1] and click the Edit link for the quiz you want to change.

View Warning Message

View Warning Message

If one of your students has opened or has already taken the quiz, you will see a warning notification at the top of the quiz. If you change the quiz contents, you will need to either grant them permission to retake the quiz, or you can regrade the quiz to compensate for any changes. You can also add fudge points to individual student quiz scores using SpeedGrader.

Edit Quiz Settings

Edit any quiz settings you'd like to change.

Edit Quiz Questions

To edit quiz questions, click the Questions tab.

Notify Students

To notify the students in your course that the quiz has changed, select the Notify users this quiz has changed check box. Note that students will always receive a notification if you change the due date of the quiz regardless of whether you select this check box.

Save Quiz

Save Quiz

Click the Save button.

Save It Now

If you exit the quiz without saving, Canvas will ask you to save your changes when you return to the quiz. To update your changes, click the Save It Now button.

Moderate This Quiz

You can also moderate the quiz to grant students extra attempts, grant extra time for timed quizzes, and manually unlock quiz attempts. To moderate the quiz, click the Moderate This Quiz link.

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