How do I add observers and TAs to my course?

You can add observers and Teaching Assistants (TAs) to your course at any time.

  • TAs provide course support and have some or all of the same permissions granted to instructors. If you are not sure about what permissions are allowed for TAs in your institution, please contact your Canvas admin.
  • Observers can be linked to a student and view student progress in the course. Observers can include parents, guardians, and/or mentors. Learn more about observer access in Canvas.

If you want to add the same person to different sections, you can enroll them in one section and then add them to additional sections later.

Note: If the Add People button is not available, your institution has restricted this option. Please contact your administrator for assistance.

Access People

Access People

In Course Navigation, click the People link.

Add People

Click the Add People button.

Note: If the Add People button is not available, your institution has restricted this option. Please contact your administrator for assistance.

Submit Email Addresses

Type or paste an email address or several email addresses in the type field [1]. Select the TA or Observer role option in the Role drop-down menu [2]. Assign a section in the Section drop-down button [3]. You can also restrict the TA to grade students in their section by clicking the Can grade students... checkbox [4]. Click the Next button [5].

User Registration Error Message

If you see the user registration error message, ensure the email address is formatted correctly. If the email address is formatted correctly, you should contact your admin for assistance.

Check People

Canvas will verify that the email is a valid email address [1]. If you are not ready to add the user, click the Start Over button [2]. Otherwise click the Add Users button [3].

Note: If the user has previously created a Canvas account with the email address you are using, the user's name will populate in the name field. Otherwise the name field will remain blank.

Confirm Enrollment

Canvas will verify your enrollment. To add more users, click the Add More Users button [1]. To return to the People page, click the Done button [2].

View Pending Enrollment

The user will receive an invitation to join the course in their email. The user's status will display as pending until he or she accepts the course invitation.

If you want to add someone to multiple sections, you can add them to additional sections.  

Note: It could take up to 24 hours for users to receive their invitations.

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