What is the Course Home Page?

The Course Home Page is the first page that students see when they click the Home link in their Course Navigation. As an instructor, you decide what you want students to see and interact with on the Course Home Page.

When would I use the Course Home Page?

Use the Course Home Page to:

  • Direct your students to the most important resources they will need to be successful in your course.
  • Remind students of their upcoming Assignments.
  • Outline on a weekly basis what you will be covering in class and how they can prepare.

You can choose one of five Home Page layouts:

Learn how to change the Course Home Page.

View Course Activity Stream (Recent Activity)

The Course Activity Stream lets participants see the most recent activity and interactions for this course. It is very similar to the recent activity stream in the User Dashboard where users first log in but only shows content for the specific course.

View Pages Front Page

Pages Front Page allows instructors to design the course homepage and include links, images or rich media. Students will be able to interact with the content added to this page. If you have already set a Front Page in your course, Canvas will display the name of your Front Page next to the Pages Front Page option. If you want to change your Front Page, click the Change link, which will redirect to the Pages index and allow you to easily set a new Front Page.

Note: When the Pages Front Page is selected as the home page display, the Course Home Page will not update accordingly unless a Front Page is assigned in Pages. Please be aware that new courses created with Draft State no longer produce a default front page. Therefore, to select a Front Page, you will need to create a new page in Pages and associate it as the course Front Page. See the Pages chapter for more details.

View Course Modules

View Course Modules

The Course Modules/Sections allows instructors to organize the course into modules or sections.

View Assignment List

The Assignment List shows the list of assignments for the course with upcoming and recent assignments at the top of the page.

View Syllabus

View Syllabus

The Syllabus allows instructors to write up a description of course expectations or introduce the course with links, images, etc. It then shows a calendar view of all assignments and course events. The Syllabus is automatically populated as activities and assignments are added to the course.

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