What is the difference between concluding and deleting a course?

A concluded course is a course that ends by either the SIS information or assigned term dates and becomes a read-only archive of the course for both students and instructors.

A deleted course is a course that is manually removed, usually by an instructor. It will not appear in enrollments or past courses and is not accessible to anyone at your institution.

Note: If the Conclude this Course button does not appear in Course Settings, your administrator has restricted this setting for the institution.

Concluding a Course

Concluding a Course

In concluding a course, you and your students can no longer participate in the course, and it will appear in your prior courses list.

Typically you won’t have to worry about concluding a course since the end date of the course will automatically conclude the course on your behalf. Also, at your institution, a specific term like a winter semester or a fall semester also has this specific end date, which will conclude all the associated courses within it.

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Deleting a Course

Deleting a Course

Deleting a course means the course will not appear in the course menu, enrollments page, or past enrollments in any form. We do not recommend deleting a course, especially if the course has students and content in it. Once you delete a course, you and no one else at your institution will be able to access to it. If you only want to remove it from the course drop-down menu, you should conclude the course or change the course end date.

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