How do I enable Student View?

Canvas recently introduced a new page design called the New Canvas User Interface (UI). Depending on your Canvas view, your page design may vary from the images shown in this lesson. However, the functionality and location of the components remain the same.

Student View allows you to see the course as a student views it and create a Test Student for your course. You can activate Student View in your Course Settings.

Note: Once you activate Student View, the Test Student is shown at the end of the Gradebook and is automatically added to every section in your course. Test Student data does not factor into course analytics. If you want to remove the test student completely, you will have to remove the test student from your section enrollments.

Open Settings

Open Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

Open Student View

Open Student View

In the sidebar, click the Student View button.

View Course

You can now view the course as a student user would see it. For example, students cannot see the Settings navigation link like instructors can.

You will know if you are in Student View because of the persistent box on the bottom of the screen indicating you are logged into Student View.

Reset Student

You can also reset the Test Student by clicking Reset Student. This will clear all history for the student allowing you to start with a clean slate.

Leave Student View

To return to your course in the instructor view, click the Leave Student View button.