What will Analytics tell me about my course?

Canvas recently introduced a new page design called the New Canvas User Interface (UI). Depending on your Canvas view, your page design may vary from the images shown in this lesson. However, the functionality and location of the components remain the same.

Analytics include four main areas: student activity, submissions, grades, and student analytics. They will show you how well your students are interacting with your course and help you evaluate performance.

Learn how to access Course Analytics.

Note: Currently, analytics does not measure activity for course sections or groups. Analytics also currently does not measure activity on mobile devices.

View Activity Analytics

The term dates set the x-axis of this graph, and the number of page views are on the y-axis. You can see all the activity during those dates. To view the details of the bar graph, hover over the specific bar you want to view. The blue bars represent the number of page views on that day. The bar will turn orange when someone participates in the course.

The following user actions will generate analytics course participation:

  • loads a collaboration to view/edit a document
  • joins a web conference
  • posts a new comment to a discussion
  • creates a wiki page
  • submits a quiz (student)
  • starts taking a quiz (student)
  • submits an assignment (student)
  • update a calendar event's settings or description (instructor)
  • updates an assignment's settings or description (instructor)

View Submissions Analytics

Each bar is an assignment. To view the grade details, hover over the bar. The details include the assignment title, the due date (if there is one) and the percentage of late and on time submissions. The green segment indicates how many students submitted the assignment on time. The yellow segment indicates how many students submitted the assignment late/past due. The red segment indicates how many students have not submitted the Assignment.

Note: The bars will only extend to the edge of the graph, even if there is an assignment or quiz that extends beyond the calendar. There will be a note above the graph explaining there are assignments outside of the course start and end dates.

View Grades Analytics

Each bar is one assignment. Grades Analytics shows the instructor the median and highs and lows of the scores for an Assignment. To view the grade details, hover over the bar. It will give you the high, median, and low score, as well as the points possible for the assignment. The thin whisker extends from the lowest score to the highest score. The thicker bar extends from the 25th to 75th percentile, with the median marked.

View Overview of Student Analytics

The overview of the student Analytics allows the instructor to see all the students [1] in the course plus how many page views [2] they have, how much they have participated [3] in the course activities, whether or not they have submitted assignments [4], and their current score percentage [5]. The analytics table is paginated so you can view more students if you continue to scroll on the page.

Sort Student Analytics

Instructors or admins can sort student analytics by the name, page views, participations, and grades. This will give instructors and admins different views to evaluate student performance.