How do I find an Outcome to add to a course?

Note: All Outcomes created at the account level will be available to courses within the account. You can import Account, State, and Common Core Standards into your course. You can create nested outcomes by dragging and dropping outcomes to create structure.

This lesson explains how to find an existing outcome from your account.

Open Outcomes

Open Outcomes

In Course Navigation, click the Outcomes link.

Find Outcomes

Click the Find button.

Choose between Account and Common Core Standards to import. Account Standards are outcomes that have been created for an institution or organization to be used within that account, sub-account, and courses.

Choose Outcomes

You can import entire folders [1] or just one outcome [2]. You can use the scroll bar to return to the top-level Outcomes [3]. The folder or outcome that is highlighted when you click the Import button [4] will be imported in to your course.

View Outcomes

View Outcomes

View the added Outcomes. Now the course will have the Outcomes you imported.

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