How do I track student progress on a Learning Outcome?

Outcome performance is recorded in Canvas for each student and her assessed artifacts, which can be any assignment aligned with an outcome. Outcome reports can be accessed by users with adequate permissions: in a course as an instructor, or in a sub-account as an administrator.

Note: You can also view student progress in the Learning Mastery Gradebook.

Open Outcomes

Open Outcomes

In Course Navigation, click the Outcomes link.

Select Outcome

Click the name of a specific outcome [1] and then click the outcome title to see student results and artifacts [2].

View Student Progress

View Student Progress

Under Outcome Artifacts, you can view the progress of individual students on each artifact (the aligned assessment or activity). You can view the student response details by clicking the name of the assignment [1]. The Check Mark icon [2] signifies the student has received a high enough score to satisfy the outcome threshold value. If you want to view all outcome results for a specific student, click the all outcome results for this student link [3].

Note: Outcome results are tied to level of outcome access. Account outcomes display on the account report, while the sub-account outcomes display on the sub-account report. The only time outcomes would be displayed on both reports is if they are stored in both accounts, such as copying an account outcome to the sub-account level. Outcomes created at the course-level display on the course-level and will not appear on account or sub-account level outcome reports.

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