How do I use the Discussions Index Page?

The Discussion Index page allows you to view all the discussions within a course.

Open Discussions

Open Discussions

In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link.

Filter Discussions

There are several ways to filter Discussions:

  1. Search for a discussion by typing a discussion title, a user name, or a keyword in the Search title, body, or author field.
  2. View only unread discussions by clicking the Unread button.
  3. View graded discussions by clicking the Assignments button.
  4. Start a new discussion by clicking the Discussion button.
  5. Change the discussions settings by clicking the Settings icon.

View Discussions

Discussions are organized into three main areas:

1. Discussions. These are current discussions within the course. Discussions can remain open indefinitely, or you can specify a date range (as designated by the available from/until date). Discussions are ordered by most recent activity. Students will only see this section heading if there are discussions within this section.  

2. Pinned Discussions. These are discussions that you want your students to see at the top of their page. Pinned discussions can be arranged in any order. Students will only see this section heading if there are discussions within this section.    

3. Closed for Comments. These discussions have been manually closed for comments, or the discussion is past the available from/until date. These are discussions that are only available in a read-only state. Closed for comments discussions are also ordered by most recent activity. Students will always see this section heading, even if there are no discussions within this section.

Discussions are date-stamped when they are created, as well as when they are replied to [1].  

The Discussions Index page will display an icon overview of each discussion and whether or not the user is subscribed. Green discussion icons indicate a subscription to the discussion [2].

Graded discussions display the discussion's due date [3].

Green published icons with a white checkmark [4] indicate the discussion is published. Solid gray unpublished icons [5] indicate the discussion is unpublished. You can change the publish status of a Discussion by toggling the icon.

The peer review icon [7] allows users to easily identify graded discussions that have been assigned peer reviews.

Note: Discussions with student replies cannot be unpublished, and the hover text will notify you accordingly [6].

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