What do one-question-at-a-time quizzes look like for students?

When you enable one question at a time in your quizzes, students will receive only one quiz question on their screen at a time instead of all questions posted at once.

View Next Questions

The students' view is exactly as you see it when you preview your quiz before publishing it. They will have to click the Next button to advance through the quiz. Once the question has been answered, the Next button will turn blue.

View Prior Questions

If you allow students to return to prior questions, they can click the Previous button.

Students can also click the sidebar links for quicker navigation between questions.

Lock Questions after Answering

Lock Questions after Answering

If you enable the Lock questions after response option, students will receive a warning message when they begin the quiz, telling them that they will not be able to view previous questions once they have submitted an answer.

View Blank Responses

View Blank Responses

If students leave a question blank, they will receive a warning message telling them that they will not be able to return to this question.

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