How do I submit a peer review to an Assignment?

Instructors can assign students to peer review another student's work. This lesson will show you how to complete a peer review.

Option 1: View Course Dashboard

Once you have submitted your assignment and a peer review is assigned to you, a notification will appear in your To Do list on the course dashboard.

View To Do List

View To Do List

To view the assignment for review, click the Peer Review for [Assignment Name] link [1].

Option 2: Open Assignments

Option 2: Open Assignments

You can also access the peer review through the individual assignment page where you submitted your assignment.

Click the Assignments link in the Course Navigation menu.

Note: Depending on how your course is organized, your instructor may be using Modules to organize content. If you cannot see the Assignments link in the course navigation, you will need to navigate to the module where the assignment is located.

View Past Assignments

When you view your Past Assignments, you will need to know which Assignment needs to be reviewed. Remember, you can view peer review notifications on your course dashboard or via the email notification.

Click the title to open the assignment.

Open Assigned Peer Review

Open Assigned Peer Review

Under Assigned Peer Reviews [1], you will see any peer reviews assigned to you. Click the name of the assigned peer whose work you will be reviewing. The yellow caution sign icon indicates the peer review has not been completed. A green checkmark icon indicates that you have completed the peer review.

View Peer Review

A peer review requires at least one comment. If you want to add annotations to the assignment submission, click the View Feedback button. Hover over the button to see more information about the submission. If the assignment is previewed in a format that does not support feedback, Canvas will show the Preview button.

Complete the Peer Review

In order to complete the Peer Review, you will need to leave at least one comment. Type a comment in the comment field [1], leave a media comment [2], or attach a file [3]. Click the Save button to complete the peer review [4].

Note: When completing a peer review, students cannot see the teacher's comments or their peer's comments on the submission.

Learn how to use Crocodoc to annotate the submission.

Complete Peer Review with Rubric

If the assignment has a rubric attached, you will need to review the assignment and fill out the attached rubric for the peer review to be considered finished. To view the rubric, click the Show Rubric link [1] and enter your scores in the Pts column [2].

Click the Save Comment button [3] when you're finished. You may need to refresh your browser to see that you've completed the required steps for the peer review.

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