What is a peer review Assignment?

A peer review assignment enables students to comment on submitted assignments. It is a tool that allows communication between students and allows students to master the concepts of a course.

Instructors can create peer review assignments for their students to complete.

Peer Review Assignments (Instructor View)

Once you've created the assignment, click the Peer Reviews link under Related Items in the sidebar to view a list of students for the assignment, and also which student submissions (if any) they have been assigned to review.

Note: When automatically assigning peer reviews, students will not be assigned peer reviews or see their assigned peer reviews until they have submitted their own assignment. When manually assigning peer reviews, students can complete their assigned peer reviews without having to submit their own assignment first.

Peer Review Assignments (Student View)

Students can view peer review notifications in Canvas on the To Do list on the home page and from the individual assignment page. Once peer reviews are assigned, students will also be notified via email.

Click here to learn how students submit a peer review to an assignment.

View from the To Do List

View from the To Do List

Once a student has submitted their assignment and a peer review is assigned to them, a notification will appear in their To Do list on the course dashboard that indicates they have a peer review to complete.

View from the Individual Assignment Page

View from the Individual Assignment Page

Students can also view assigned peer reviews by navigating to the individual assignment page where they submitted their assignment. Under Assigned Peer Reviews, students will see any peer reviews assigned to them.

Note: For assignments with anonymous peer reviews, the student whose work has been reviewed cannot see the name of the reviewer. However, the reviewer will be able to see the name of the assigned person whose work is to be reviewed.