What is the Course Setup Checklist?

The first few times you create a new course in Canvas, it's a challenge to remember all of the steps required. The Course Setup Checklist exists to help you remember to cover all your bases before the course goes live.

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View Course

A course originally starts in an unpublished state allowing instructors to set up your course and ready the content while concealing it from students. Instructors, designers, and admins can add students, teachers, and TAs to the course. As soon as you’re ready then you can publish your course and make it available to the students.

When would I use the Course Setup Checklist?

The Course Setup Checklist will help you create a new course in Canvas. Open the checklist by clicking the Course Setup Checklist button. The checklist reminds you to:

Note: Once your course contains a graded submission, you cannot unpublish your course.

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