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The Canvas Guides will help you learn the ins and outs of Canvas like a pro, no matter your user role. The lessons are continually updated online.

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Canvas Catalog is an all-in-one learning solution that includes a course catalog, course registration system, payment gateway, and learning platform. Canvas Catalog is native to Canvas, which allows institutions to publish any Canvas course in an attractive online catalog quickly and efficiently.


Canvas Studio is the next-generation online video platform that unmutes learning by turning one‑way, passive video into inclusive, productive discussion.

Mobile Guides - Canvas Student

The Canvas Student app is the mobile version of Canvas that helps you stay current with your courses anywhere you go. Download the Canvas Student app on Android and iOS devices.

Mobile Guides - Canvas Teacher

The Canvas Teacher app allows teachers to manage their courses and use Canvas more efficiently from a mobile device.

Mobile Guides - Canvas Parent

Canvas Parent enhances the potential for any parent to engage in their children’s education. Parents can review upcoming or past assignments, check on grades, and receive course announcements.

Mobile Guides - MagicMarker

The MagicMarker app is the efficient and effective way for instructors to record mastery of learning outcomes in their classroom and spend less time managing paperwork. All data syncs with the Learning Mastery Gradebook in Canvas. Download MagicMarker on iPad devices.

Mobile Guides - Polls for Canvas

The Polls for Canvas app is the easy way for instructors to request student opinion in the classroom. All students need is a smartphone. Download the Polls for Canvas app on Android and iOS devices.

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