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How do I add a Canvas widget for the Student App to my iOS device?

The Canvas Student app comes with a widget for quick access to grades.

The Canvas Student Grades widget displays the current grade for up to eight courses.

The images in this lesson are shown for a phone display, but unless otherwise noted, tablet displays mirror the same steps.


  • Depending on your iOS device, the steps to install a widget may vary from what is pictured below. If you have questions, please refer to your device instructions on how to install a widget.
  • The Student Grades widget will not display grades if multiple users are logged into the Student app.
  • Widgets are not available for the Canvas Teacher or Canvas Parent apps.

Open Today View

Tap and Hold Screen

Swipe right from the Home screen or Lock screen to open the Today View.

Edit Widgets

Open Widgets

Tap the Edit button.

Add Grades Widget

Find Canvas Widgets

Find the Canvas Student Grades widget [1]. To add the widget, tap the Add icon [2].

Edit Widget

Edit Widget

Once you have added your widget, it will display with other widgets that have been added to your iOS device. To remove the widget, tap the Remove icon [1]. To move the widget, tap the Move icon [2] and drag and drop the widget to a new location.

To view your widgets, tap the Done link [3].

View Widget

View Widget

View the Student Grades widget [1].

To view a graded course assignment in the Student app, tap the assignment name [2].

To view more course information in the widget, tap the Show More link [3].

View More Details

View More Details

The Recently Graded Assignments section displays the three most recently graded assignments in your courses [1].

The Course Grades section displays your current course grades [2]. To view course grades in the Student app, tap the name of the course [3].

To view your course dashboard, tap the View more link [4].