Recent Updates

  • You can run reports to review attendance information for a subset of the courses and students in your account. This report is sent to your email, where it can be downloaded as a CSV file.

    Reports are delivered in a comma separated value (CSV) format and display all content in a list. Reports always include the following data fields: Course ID, SIS Course ID, Course Code, Course Name, Teacher ID, SIS Teacher ID, Teacher Name, Student ID, SIS Student ID, Student Name, Class Date, Attendance, and Timestamp.

    Roll Call Attendance Badges are included in account reports if they were created in the account and have been assigned to students. Additionally, the badges will also only be included if they were set within the time frame you specify in the report. To view badges for reports in a subaccount, you must request the report from the subaccount. For example, if an instructor has marked a student with a badge that was created in a course or in a subaccount, the badge will not appear in the report when exported from the account.

    You can generate reports for the entire course, or you can generate reports based on specific students or courses. To locate a course or student ID, view the People page, click the name of a student, and both the course and student IDs will be in the browser URL (e.g. courses/XXXXXX/users/XXX).

  • You can add badges at the account level that appear to all instructors with courses under that account. These badges appear in the Roll Call Attendance tool. It can be helpful to create account-level badges when you want all your instructors to track a  particular behavior or achievement among their students.

    Instructors can also create their own badges within their courses. However, you can manage badges within a course at any time.

  • English is Canvas' language default, but you can choose to view the Canvas interface in another language.

    Note: Instructors have the option to change the language preference for their courses. If you observing a student in a course where the instructor has made this change (most often for a foreign language course), the course language will override the language in your user settings.

  • If you have an email address registered in two Canvas accounts, you can merge these accounts. Merging accounts combines the logins, contact methods, and enrollments for the two accounts.

    The icon to complete this process will only appear in User Settings if there are two or more email addresses on the account and the email address that appears on both accounts has been registered.

    In order to complete this process, you must have the Canvas username and password for both accounts.

    Note: Merging user accounts cannot be undone.

  • Your default email address is used as your main contact method in Canvas and is added when creating your Canvas account. Email addresses are used to create Canvas notifications; they are not used as a contact method for other Canvas users.

    If you add another email address as a contact method, you can change your default email address in Canvas.

  • Depending on how your Canvas account was created, you may be able to make changes to your name, default email, language, time zone, and password.

    • Setting a chosen language will override any default language settings across your institution; however, any language set in a course will override your user language.
    • Your institution may take care of updating or changing your password by using the password associated with your login credentials for Canvas.
    • Users associated with a SIS ID cannot delete their own account.

    Note: Some settings may not be available to you. If you are not able to edit your user settings, you will need to contact your institution to change this information.

  • If your Assignments page includes a Roll Call Attendance assignment, your instructor is taking attendance in your course. As part of the assignment, you can view your attendance record in your course. Like any other Canvas assignment, you can also view or leave comments in the submission details page.

    If the Roll Call Attendance assignment is available to you, this lesson shows you how to view your attendance report through the Grades page. However, if your instructor allows you to view the Assignments link in Course Navigation, you can also access the submission details through the Assignments page by opening the Attendance assignment.

    Note: If the Roll Call Attendance assignment does not appear in the Grades page, your instructor has chosen to not use Attendance for grading.