Recent Updates

  • You can add administrative users to a Canvas account in Account Settings. When you assign a user as an admin in the top-level account, that user has essentially all privileges in any sub-account in Canvas.

    Once you add users as admins, if the users already have a profile in Canvas, they will receive an email notifying them that they are now an admin for the account. If the users do not already have a profile, they will receive an email with a link to create a profile and access the account.

    If you want to give a Canvas user rights to manage a catalog but not allow full admin access, you can add a user as a subcatalog admin directly in your Catalog account instead.


    • When adding an administrative user, you must assign the user to an account role. Before adding a user, ensure that you have created the necessary account-level role.
    • Your administrative user list includes the Catalog API, which is currently included in all Catalog accounts.
    Manual Catalog Guide
  • Canvas admins are not automatically given access to the admin features in Canvas Catalog. Catalog admins can manage all course and program listings in Catalog, as well as user registration, reports, and promotions.

    If a Canvas admin needs to be an admin in Canvas Catalog, you will need to enable the catalog permission for the admin's role at the account level. For more information about permissions, please see the Canvas Admin Guide.

    Note: The catalog permission only appears in Permissions for institutions that have a Canvas Catalog account and does not apply to subaccount roles.

    Manual Catalog Guide