How do I record a Conference?

When you are creating a new conference, you can choose to record your conference to view at a later date.

Note: Recordings are automatically deleted 14 days after the conference ends.

Open Conferences

Open Conferences

Click the Conferences link.

Make a New Conference

Make a New Conference

Click the New Conference button.

Record This Conference

While completing the details for the conference, click the Record this conference checkbox. Recording length is in conjunction with the length of the active conference.  

Note: If you want to record a conference, you must do so when you initially create the conference. Once the conference has started, it will not record, even if you go back and edit the conference.

Create Conference

Create Conference

Click the Update button.

Start Conference

Click the Start button next to the conference you want to start recording.

Record Conference

The conference will start recording when the conference window opens. The conference will be recorded until you log out, which will close the conference.

The Chat window welcome message will notify users the conference is being recorded.

View Recorded Conference

After clicking the conference title, click the View button [1] to replay your conference.

Note: The View button will not appear until the conference has been rendered for playback. Depending on the length of your conference, this process may take several hours and will be labeled as Preparing Video [2].

Recording Restrictions

  • Canvas' standard recording feature will store your recordings in Conferences for 14 days and then remove them automatically.
  • Recorded conferences cannot be downloaded.

For alternative storage and download options, contact BigBlueButton to set up a hosting account.

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