How do I use the App Center at the course level?

The App Center is your gateway to powerful teaching tools that are easily integrated into a Canvas Course.

Open Settings

Open Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

Open Apps

Open Apps

Click the Apps tab.

View App Center

The App Center has many apps that can be used within your course.

View Hover Description

When you hover your mouse over the app, you can read a short description. Click the app to learn more about it.

View App

On the app page, you will see:

  1. A description of the app
  2. The Add App button

To go back to the main page, click the Back to App Center link.

Add App

Depending on how the app needs to be configured, you may see a different window. You may see fields for Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Launch URL. Click the Add App button when you are finished.


View Installed Apps

The configured app will appear on the External Apps page. Click the View App Configurations button to see the list of configured apps.

Navigate the App Center

Click the Add App button to view the apps to add to your course or click the View App Center button to go back to the App Center.

Filter Apps

Type the name of the app in the Filter by name field. The app will appear in the list. Click the app to learn more about it.

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