How do I start a Conference?

You can start conferences that you have created for your course.

Open Conferences

Open Conferences

In Course Navigation, click the Conferences link.

Start Conference

Next to the conference you want to start, click the Start button.

Join the Audio

Join the Audio

Before joining a conference, you will be asked how you want to join the conference audio: via microphone or listen only. Listen Only allows users to quickly join the conference as a listener only (no microphone check). You will be able to change your audio preference once you've joined the conference.

Learn more about how to set up your audio.

Allow Chrome Microphone Permissions

If you are using Chrome, you will have to accept a Chrome-specific permission for access to your microphone. This prompt is just below the address bar. Click the Allow button.

Allow Firefox Microphone Permissions

If you are using Firefox, you will have to accept a Firefox-specific permission to access your microphone. Choose your microphone from the Microphone to share drop-drown menu [1] and click the Share Selected Device button [2].

Note: If you don't see the list of microphones, click the microphone icon [3] to the left of the address bar.

Test Audio

Test Audio

For the best audio experience, use a headset with a microphone. To ensure your audio is working correctly, complete the private audio echo test. Speak a few words and if you hear audio, click the Yes button [1]. To choose a different microphone and repeat the audio test, click the No button [2]. If you need help with your hardware, click the Question Mark icon [3].

Accept Adobe Flash Player Settings

Accept Adobe Flash Player Settings

To use Conferences, you must give Adobe Flash Player access to your camera and microphone settings. Click the Allow button.

Note: Users of Internet Explorer and Safari will continue to participate with existing Flash-based audio.

View Conference

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