What do the icons and colors in the Gradebook represent?

There are different icons and colors in the new Gradebook. Depending on how you grade assignments (manually or otherwise), you will see different icons or colors.

For more information on grading assignments, please visit the Assignments and Grades chapters in the Canvas Guides.

Submission Type Icons

The following icons represent different assignment functions in the Gradebook:

  1. Discussion Icon: Graded discussion submitted, but not graded
  2. Document Icon: File upload submitted, not graded
  3. Filmstrip Icon: Media recording submitted, not graded
  4. Text Icon: Text entry submitted, not graded
  5. Link Icon: Website URL submitted, not graded
  6. Muted Icon: Assignment muted
  7. Quiz icon: Quiz submitted, not graded (auto-submitted quiz score has been deleted and needs to be reassigned)

Grading Types

Each grading type shows up differently in the Gradebook. Here you can see how each grading type is represented:

  1. Dash: No submission
  2. Number: Points grade
  3. Check Icon: Complete grade
  4. X Icon: Incomplete grade
  5. Letter: Letter grade (see also Course Grading Schemes or Account Grading Schemes)
  6. Percentage: Percentage grade
  7. GPA: GPA scale

Note: In the Total column, you will see a percentage that represents your total grade at that time. Next to the percentage you will see the letter grade you have, based on the percentage.

Assignment Group Warning Icons

The following icons represent different warnings for Assignment Groups in the Gradebook:

  1. Blue Warning Icon: Notifies you that the assignment is part of an assignment group with no points possible and cannot be included in the final grade calculation
  2. Black Warning Icon: Notifies you that the final score does not include one of the assignment groups because the group has zero points possible (the warning will tell you which assignment group is affected).  

You can correct these warnings by making sure a weighted assignment group has an assignment worth more than zero points, or, if an assignment is supposed to have zero points, adding another assignment with more than zero points to the assignment group.


There are different colors with various meanings in the Gradebook. Here you can see what each color represents:

  1. Yellow Shading: Resubmitted assignment
  2. Pink Shading: Late submission
  3. Gray Lined Shading: Dropped grade

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