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How do I manage shared resources for my account in Commons?

As an admin, you can manage (search, view, edit, remove) your account's shared resources.

Open Admin Settings

In Commons Navigation, click the Admin link.

Open Managed Resources

Click the Managed Resources tab.

View Account Shared Resources

In the Manage Shared Resources page, you can search, view, and remove resources shared by your institution that are not private to the author.

In the search field [1], you can search your account's shared resources by entering keywords such as author or title. You can also search by filter [2], or use the filter options to narrow your search.

Remove Resource

Remove Resource

Locate the resource you want to remove from Commons. Click the Remove icon.

Confirm Deletion

Before the resource is removed from Commons, you will see a confirmation message [1] and a Don’t warn me again checkbox [2]. If you check the box, you will no longer be asked to confirm deletion for the rest of the session, but you will need to confirm deletions in future sessions. To delete the resource, click the Delete button [3]. To cancel deletion, click the Cancel button [4]. You will be unable to recover the resource once it is removed from Commons. The author will no longer see the removed resource on their Shared page.

Note: If you delete a shared resource in Canvas, other users will still be able to import that resource until you delete the resource in Commons.

View Resource

To view more details about a specific resource, click anywhere on the resource tile.

Note: Resources can be opened in a new tab by pressing Command (Mac) or Control (PC) while clicking the resource name on the Search page, or, by right clicking the name of the resource.

Edit Resource Details

To edit resource details, click the Edit Resource button.

Note: Admins cannot edit or update resource content.

Remove from Commons

You can also remove a resource from the resource details page. To remove the resource, click the Remove from Commons button.