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How do I manage Groups in Commons?

Group managers can change the group's name, add or remove group members, make other members group managers, and edit or delete resources shared to the group.

A Group Manager is a role that must be assigned by an Admin. Learn more about how to add a Group Manager as an Admin.

Open Admin Settings

In Commons Navigation, click the Admin link.

Open Groups

Open Groups

Click the Groups tab.

View Groups

View Groups

Find a specific group by typing in the Search groups field [1]. Or to manage the group, click the group name [2].

Edit Group Details

In the Edit Group page, you can change the group name [1] and add users to the group [2]. To return to the Groups page, click the Back to All Groups link [3].

Add Group Members

In the Search users to add field [1], type the name or email address of the user and select the user from the search list [2].

Note: if you can’t find the user you'd like to add to the group, make sure they have accessed Commons in the past.

Manage Group Members

Users appear in the Group Member list [1] with the users' name [2] and email [3].

To change the manager status of a user, select/use the toggle button [4]. To remove a user from the group, click the Delete icon [5].

Edit Group

In the Groups page, to edit a group, click the group's name.

Delete Group

To delete a group, click the Delete icon.