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How do I import a Commons favorite as a module item in Canvas as an instructor?

If Commons has been enabled in your Canvas instance, you can add favorited content as a module item in a Canvas course. You can import favorited assignments, discussions, modules, pages, quizzes, audio, documents, images, or videos.

Learn how to add and manage favorites in Commons.

Note: You must add resources to your favorites in Commons before they can be viewed and imported in the Modules.

Open Modules

Open Modules

In Course Navigation, click the Modules link.

Open Commons Favorites

Open Commons Favorites

Click the Options icon [1] and select the Commons Favorites option [2].

Note: If the Options icon does not display in the Modules page, Commons has not been enabled in your Canvas instance.

View Commons Favorites

View Commons Favorites

The Commons Favorites window displays all the items that you have favorited in Commons [1].

To search for a favorited item, enter the item name in the Search by Title field [2].

Filter Commons Favorites

To filter what displays in the Commons Favorites, click the Type drop-down menu [1]. Then select the content type you want to view [2]. Type options include assignments, audio, discussions, documents, images, modules, pages, quizzes, and videos.

Select Module

Select Assignment Group

To select a module for the imported item, click the Module drop-down menu [1] and select your desired module [2].

To create a module for your imported assignment, select the Create new option [3]. The new module will be named Imported Module.

Import Assignment

Import Assignment

To select an item for import, click the item [1]. Selected items display the Checkmark icon [2].

To import the assignment, click the Close icon [3].

View Module Item

View Assignment

The imported item displays in the specified module [1]. To open the assignment, click the assignment name [2].

Imported module items are published by default [3].